Yonex AS 30 Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks

Yonex AS 30 Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks


Yonex AS 30 Feather Badminton Shuttles can be used for matches and club play because they are the perfect mix of durability, playability, and value.
  • Shuttlecock Range: Aerosensa 30


Introducing Yonex AS 30 Feather Badminton Shuttles. These are the best-selling feather shuttles on the market from Yonex Badminton and the most popular shuttles all around the world.

Badminton players can use Yonex AS 30 feather shuttles for match play and club play. The Yonex production method, assures customers, each feather shuttlecock produced using precision manufacturing. As a result,  you have a product that achieves the correct speed, distance and stability performance. It is also a perfect mix of durability, playability, and value for money when compared with other brands

  • Top Selling Shuttles
  • Top Grade Feathers
  • Match Play/Club Play
  • 100% solid goose feathers.
  • Good Recovery Time

Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecocks are the official shuttlecock for the world’s leading international tournaments. The precisely engineered technology in every lightweight Yonex feather shuttlecock is extensively checked and tested to guarantee consistent performance. These high standards are the reason that YONEX Feather shuttlecocks were the official choice of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The production of badminton shuttlecocks involves each feather to be meticulously selected to produce an individual flight characteristic. This is because any slight curve in the feather, or variation in weight, could influence the shuttlecock’s flight. This helps to achieve flight solidness and strength in all temperatures.

Yonex AS 30 Feather Badminton Shuttles

History About Yonex Shuttles: 

Firstly, Yonex started to manufacture the shuttlecock in 1965. After many years of production, Yonex first became the official supplier to the prestigious  9th Uber Cup badminton tournament.YONEX shuttlecocks were also used for the first time at The All England Open Badminton Championships as a trial. 2,000 dozen YONEX shuttlecocks were requested. However, only 300 dozen were used. This proves the high quality that goes into producing Yonex shuttles when compared to its rival brands. It’s fair to say that Yonex has the best shuttles in the world. 

European players had often broken shuttlecocks with their aggressive and powerful smashing style, but the Yonex shuttlecock withstood this attacking style of play.
Furthermore, from this point onwards, the Yonex shuttlecock became an important part of the All England Championships, and its performance was a significant factor in Yonex becoming the title sponsor in 1984.

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